2017 nissan titan warrior interior

If there is one thing that could have been said about the year that is just about to pass, we must admit that we have seen some of the most amazing vehicles in action. Car manufacturers really pushed their capabilities to the limit in a search for a vehicle that is going to be better than everything that they have had so far. To prove that this is actually true, we take a look at an amazing tour through the mighty and awesome looking Nissan Titan Warrior.

It is truly gorgeous! One thing is for sure, the look of the car is something that every fanatic would want to have. Even though the resemblance with the Ford Raptor is massive, the Nissan Titan Warrior has something else to offer, something that not even the Ford has.

The dark and bright grey combination along with the orange peculiar details is utterly amazing. The wheels are massive and this Nissan is capable of going through any obstacle that it comes against. Moreover, we even get the chance to take a look at the interior. The car was unveiled at the New York Auto Show. On the robust dash board you are going to find many buttons and functions that this car has, which is something every off-road car guy would want to see in his big vehicle.

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This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Necessary Always Enabled. Non-necessary Non-necessary.This new model represents the beast off the road that is so enhanced in every aspect, regarding the body of the car and total exterior, interior and engine characteristics. This full size pick up truck pushes the limits of possible with a very powerful engine and more powerful and dangerously looking appearance.

The overall look of Nissan Titan Warrior has a base in the previous model, but with big enhancements in more robotic look. It comes with LED headlights that come in an integrated 2C letter form. It also has 6 smaller roof off road LED lights per side for better visibility and higher safety on the road. Taillights are bordered in a shape of number 7 and contribute to more bold and robotic look of the car. The front part of the car looks bolder and bigger thanks to a front and back bumper.

Extra feature is the skid plate that is longer and protects the bottom carriage from damage. This model is 6 inch wider than Titan XD and it makes this vehicle more stable. This model is also higher off the ground and it comes with 37 inch Extreme Terrain MT2 tires. Even though the interior of Nissan Titan Warrior is just a concept that hopefully will one day come to light, it is a great upgrade with little but significant details and nice touches. It comes with cup holders for hot and cold drinks maintaining the temperature of it.

It also comes with a touch screen, degrees camera and all security features. It will have more than horsepower at 6, rpm. Top estimated speed is mph and seconds is estimated to be reached at 8.

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2017 nissan titan warrior interior

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2017 Nissan Titan Warrior – Interior & Exterior Walkaround!

One Response. Robert Pexa.New Cars. Buyer's Guide. Type keyword s to search. Nissan Titan Features and Specs Year Trim Select Trim. Drivetrain Four Wheel Drive. Engine Order Code NA. Fuel System Gasoline Direct Injection. Maximum Horsepower RPM Maximum Torque RPM Cooling System Capacity quarts NA. Engine Oil Cooler Regular Duty.

Transmission Order Code NA. Number of Transmission Speeds 9. First Gear Ratio :1 5. Second Gear Ratio :1 3. Third Gear Ratio :1 2. Fourth Gear Ratio :1 1. Fifth Gear Ratio :1 1.

Sixth Gear Ratio :1 1. Seventh Gear Ratio :1 0. Eighth Gear Ratio :1 0. Ninth Gear Ratio :1 NA.

2017 Nissan Titan Warrior

Reverse Ratio :1 4. Transfer Case Model Electronic. Clutch Size NA. Fuel Economy and Range. Fuel Tank. Exterior Dimensions. Wheelbase inches Length inches Width, without mirrors inches Nissan is now two years into the Titan's second generation. It's been re-designed from the top down, offers simple choices of models and one engine. It seems though, that with entering the full-size truck realm amongst competitors like the F, Silverado and RamNissan didn't want to step on any toes.

In many aspects the Titan is right in between the Silverado and the F This can be good; it means Nissan wants its Titan to just be a part of the full-size truck circus, to prance around like the rest of them and live a happy care-free life. It can also be bad: the Titan is not innovative, so it's not going to wow its competition. This will hurt sales, sure but more valuable is the long-term. The future of the Titan may be at stake, if Nissan doesn't come up with a reason for people to buy it.

That being said, for the moment the Titan seems like a solid truck that offers a range of mid-level features and holds its own in its class. Just as stated, the Titan doesn't step on any toes and this more apparent when stepping inside. Obviously heavily influenced by the new F, the Titan very nearly matches the size and convenience of the Ford with a few exceptions.

The Titan offers a 7-inch touch screen, which is a tad on the small side, and it makes the buttons that much smaller.

Otherwise, leather seats and the sporadic wood paneling offer almost a log cabin-like feeling. It's big on the inside like the F, with a gigantic armrest and cup holders large enough to fit a Big Gulp. The back seats in the crew cab are big and comfortable, with plenty of legroom for a whole family. This doesn't do much to dissuade the argument that the Titan isn't really offering anything new.

The exterior is fairly similar to the F as well, with a giant grill spanning a couple feet tall and about the size of a radiator. It does have its own accents, like the shape of headlights and that big "Nissan" logo in the center. It has more form-fitting curves spread out over the body, and it looks like a normal sized truck. Standing next to the Ford almost feels like standing next to a semi.

In a way driving the Titan may be easier than driving most other trucks.

2017 Nissan Titan Warrior – Exterior and Interior Walkaround – 2016 New York Auto Show

Assuming standing next to it isn't an intimidating experience, the Titan doesn't invite an uneasy feeling while driving it, like fear of hitting everything on the road. It's approachable, if nothing else. When it comes to handling, the Titan again holds its own against the competition.

Sharp steering, stiff brakes and quick acceleration make for a smooth ride. Of course it's important to remember that it's still a truck, and probably shouldn't participate in any unofficial mountain drifting competitions. The Titan doesn't seem to be entering, or discovering any new frontiers with its handling or the way it drives.

New trucks feel solid as it is though, so apparently Nissan haven't made the Titan any worse than its competitors, which is good. Just the opposite in fact: Nissan boasts better handling and braking than the F Drivers are also reporting a very light steering system, much like the F Dodge Rams have a tendency to feel a bit bouncy through corners, and even the F is easily startled when given a sudden jerk of the wheel combined with sudden acceleration.

This does not seem present with the Titan, which stays calm and cool through a corner. It helps that the Titan has double wishbone suspension in the front, but then so do all the other big trucks in its class. Engine options for the Titan are limited, but it keeps things simple.

The Titan's 5. The Titan moves without hesitation, plows through any situation and besides that it sounds pretty.

The roar of the Titan's V8 has a unique, somewhat high-pitched purity that is its own sound. Ford's F has a moment of hesitation before the power kicks in, but before long the journey to 90 miles per hour comes to an abrupt end.Off-road segment of the Nissan is a famous of durable and reliable engines and excellent design. Recently, company launched Titan Warrior model, which should be out in production soon. Its long history will get new chapter with Nissan Titan Warrior.

However, truck will face tough competition, which is not easy to beat and which implements new technologies. There are many possibilities for drivetrain of the Nissan Titan Warrior. This off-road truck could be powered from either diesel or petrol engine. First thought was on Cummins powerplant. It could be turbo-diesel 5.

This engine, in some other vehicles, is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission, which should be the case with new Titan Warrior. It is 4. Gasoline option is taking more fuel, but delivering more power. Torque level is better on diesel models. Around hp and lb-ft of torque is expected for base models, and Cummins can raise torque to pound-feet.

Petrol unit is probably going to be paired with 7-speed automatic transmission. Many other performance-boosting features will be installed, while suspension and braking could bring some new technologies. Many customized parts will take place on the vehicle, including shocks and suspension, boosting overall riding quality. That is not all, since dashboard will be designed for especially for this truck.

Many controls are installed on steering wheel, while shifting knob is designed sporty. Leather is covering seats, front are using power-seat technology and infotainment system is consisted of more options.

There are navigation, audio system and wide choice of connectivity choices offered in various trims of Titan Warrior.Take cover! The beast is here.

2017 nissan titan warrior interior

However, this tough monster will definitely steal the heart of the bad boys and girls, gangsters or simply men who are all about swag.

The Nissan is not new in manufacturing pickups for its customers. The company has many other pickups in the market but out of all those, the Titan Warrior is one of its kinds.

Its powerful body and the durable engine provide a comfortable, all-terrain driving experience. Here is a detailed review of this upcoming version of Nissan Titan Warrior. Just a glance is enough to make you a crazy fan of this beast. We, ourselves, are perplexed about where to start our review of the exterior from.

The headlights of this ultra-modern pickup are unique and hypnotizing that makes this pickup look as if it has arrived from the future. Apart from the headlights this pickup also has a roof mounted led lights that will give the driver increased visibility when driving off the road far from cities. The pickup will have 37 inches tires that are mounted on 18 x 9. The panels of Nissan Titan Warrior are designed to give them an even more muscular look which provides a beautiful brawny look to the overall appearance of the pickup.

The gross weight of Nissan Titan Warrior will be around pounds and its length will be Just like the exterior, the interior of this car too has been designed around the same color scheme i.

The seats of the pickup are carbon colored and above the dashboard, there is an orange colored data gauge which gives the interior cabin of this pickup a sporty touch.

The center console and doors also have bright orange highlights on it. The beauty of the interior cabin of Nissan Titan Warrior is further enhanced by placing polished aluminum on the vents and steering wheel. Also, this upcoming vehicle would have advanced safety features such as antilock brake, vehicle dynamic control system, traction control system, rear sonar warning system, side airbags, hill-start assist and trailer sway control system.

This engine will be mated with a 6-speed automatic transmission system that will enable this pickup to achieve a speed of 60 mph in a matter of just 8. The maximum speed that this pickup can achieve is estimated to be around mph. One more engine option will be available to the customers.But after reading the book a while I started seeing a pattern.

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2017 nissan titan warrior interior

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